Prevention for Children

3 Ways to maintain the Dental Hygiene of your Child after Halloween

The day after Halloween leads to a pathway which gives rise to cavities. With all the candies and chocolates and chips that a child will eat throughout the month of November, your dentist bills are bound to go up! Your child's smile and dental hygiene is very important to us so here are some simple tips on how to prevent cavities or other dental problems that can arise from trick or treating. 

1. Floss
There is no way to evade flossing, none. A child, just like an adult forms plaque therefore flossing twice a day can lead to preventing cavities. Flossing is the only method to properly clean between the teeth, removing bacteria. This can help prevent heart problems because bacteria usually gives rise to inflammation in the blood vessels. The inflammation is the body's response to fighting bacteria and it has a side effect of damaging your gums as well as giving rise to a heart disease. 

Flossing is about maintenance as well as prevention. Choosing to floss will, in the long run save you time and money. 

2. Pick the Correct Type of Brush.
 When you are at the drugstore picking a toothbrush for your child, make sure to get one with soft bristles so that it may be gentle on the gums. Also make sure that you or your child are not applying too much pressure onto the gums. There must be soft, circular motions in order not to damage the gums. Damage to the gums may lead to gum grafting, an expensive surgical procedure. 

Lastly, it is best for a parent to brush the child's teeth till the age of 6 since toddlers tend to not understand the importance of brushing their teeth but also because fluoride is not recommended for children under 3 years old and very little toothpaste should be used in order to prevent the child from swallowing the fluoride and toothpaste. Therefore brushing the teeth is a more diligent job that should be done by the parents.

3. Make an Appointment with a Dental Hygienist
 Choosing to not see a dental hygienist is a personal choice however, some believe that not going to the dental office means they will never know what's wrong with their teeth until one day a tooth goes black or you bite into an apple and a tooth comes out. 

 An appointment just twice a year for cleaning the teeth of your children will be sufficient. 

These are three simple steps that are necessary in preventing teeth decay for children. In order for them to grow up having strong and healthy teeth.